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Facility information

Facility information



Look at the original scenery of Satoyama.

What we are proud of is our beautiful view.

From the lounge as well as from all rooms

Surrounded by the majestic mountains of northern Shinshu

You can see the original scenery of the countryside.

While looking at the rice fields and snow fields that spread out all over

​ Enjoy your tea time and forget the time.

Big bath

Spring quality: Slightly alkaline 100% source
Efficacy: fatigueLabor recovery, neuralgia, joint pain

Togari Onsen is also known as the "Beauty Bath".

The smooth spring quality has a beautifying effect on the skin and is also good for recovering from fatigue.

​It is considered good.

​Body soap, shampoo, face wash soap fully equipped

"business hours"




​New building 2nd floor


​*Summer vacation*

Outdoor bath “Akatsuki no Yu”

An outdoor bath located 3 minutes walk away.

​There is also an open-air bath.

There is also a shop within the facility.

  • Body soap and shampoo included

  • Towel and bath towel sales

  • Fully equipped with powder room

  • Large parking lot available

"business hours"


Last admission 20:30

"Admission fee"

Adult 600 yen

Elementary school student 400 yen

​We also sell discount tickets at the front desk.

​*Summer vacation*

​~Hot spring tour~


Yutaki Onsen

10 minutes by car


Nozawa Onsen

15 minutes by car


​20 minutes by car


Maku Onsen

25 minutes by car

In-house facilities


Business hours 7:00-22:00

Check-in 15:00

Check out 10:00

check-in and check-out,

Parking information and equipment rental

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

Please listen.

If you have any problems outside of business hours, please contact

Please contact us using the extension number in your room.


Main building 1st floor​


lobby lounge

Vending machines and one-coin bars

Smoking room and water server


While looking at the rich natural scenery

​Please feel free to use it.

​*Lights will be turned off at 22:00.


New building 2nd floor​

dining room

This will be the venue for dinner and breakfast.

Renovated in fall 2021,

It has become a space where customers can enjoy their meals in peace.


Main building 1st floor

"Seating capacity"

​50 people

写真 2021-12-23 16 16 39.jpg

One Coin Ber

Ski season only

At the counter in the lobby

​We are operating a bar.

Popular craft beer and local sake

​We have a wide variety available.


New building 2nd floor


Craft beer 500 yen

​Highball 500 yen

​Local sake 500 yen etc...

"business hours"

​20:30 ~ 23:30


multipurpose room

According to customer's usage

You can use it.

At training camps etc.

It can also be used as a conference room.

​On days when it is not scheduled to be used, it is open as a table tennis field.


New building 1st floor


​30 tatami

写真 2018-12-25 16 26 34_edited.jpg

drying room

skis, clothing, etc.

Please use it as a storage location.

Washing machine and dryer available

Yes. (Paid)​


New building 1st floor

rental room

Ski season only

Available for rental.

Although the number is limited,

Please contact the front desk when using the service.

​In some cases, we may guide you to an affiliated rental shop.


New building 1st floor

《Products handled》


​ Ski/board set


vending machine

Vending machines are available within the facility.


There is also a water server with cold and hot water.

You can only buy sweets in winter.

A mini shop is also open.


New building 2nd floor

Hot spring inn hotel

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