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How to spend your time at our hotel

We will introduce you to the flow from arrival to departure.

​Please make use of it to make your stay more comfortable and smooth.

First day

AM 9:00


The front desk is open from 6:30am.

When you arrive, we will explain about parking and luggage storage, so please contact the front desk.

​Early check-in is possible depending on the room situation.

​You can also use the simple changing rooms.

​If you apply for a plan that includes a lift ticket, we will give it to you at the front desk.


AM 10:00

rental shop

ski equipment

If you are using a rental shop, please let us know at the front desk.

​We will either rent it at our hotel or direct you to an affiliated rental shop.

​About the rental shophere

AM 11:30

early lunch


We recommend Togari's specialty, ``Penticton Curry.''

It's a popular store, so we recommend going a little early!

​The grilled curry and soup curry are exquisite.

​It's a little far from the ski slope (1 minute walk), so it's smoother if you stop by before or after you start skiing.

​For more informationhere

PM 12:30

Start skiing!


Enjoy skiing and snowboarding to your heart's content with a wide variety of courses!

​The popular "Snow Chari" is also a must-see!

PM 16:00



We recommend checking in around 4pm.

If you complete the formalities upon arrival, you can smoothly be guided to your room just by receiving the key!

​Why around 16:00 is recommended...

PM 16:30



The public bath is most crowded around 5pm.

​Please finish skiing a little early and find a free time to relax and relieve your fatigue.

PM 18:00


Cheers with delicious food and delicious drinks.

Hot pots made with horse sashimi and local Miyuki pork from Iiyama are popular!

​It goes great with local sake.

PM 18:00

​Free time


After your meal, feel free to enjoy your stay.

​Play table tennis in the multipurpose room, enjoy some more drinks at the bar, and relax in the hot springs again. . .

Going to bed

the 2nd day

AM 7:30



AM 8:30

coffee time

hot coffee

AM 9:30

check out

service bell

AM 10:00

ski start


PM 13:00



PM 16:00

​Preparing to return home


PM 17:00

going home

GPS rental

In the morning, I woke up a little early and started with a healthy Japanese set meal.

​Miso soup made with homemade vegetables is popular.

After your meal, have coffee time in the lobby.

​Let's leisurely plan today's schedule.

It is possible to store your luggage.

​It may be crowded, so we recommend paying in advance at breakfast to make your return trip smoother.

​Let's try the course you couldn't go to yesterday♪

Speaking of Togari's hidden gem, this is it.

"Lamp Diner"

​Many repeat customers gather.

​You can enjoy the local taste and atmosphere typical of Togari.

It's almost time to go home...

But one last bath.

You can also enjoy an open-air bath at Akatsuki no Yu, located in front of the ski resort.

​When you see the hot springs that warm you to the core and the snowy scenery, you might not want to go home...?

I picked up my luggage from the hotel and headed home.

You can also use the changing room and public bath when returning home.

​Please contact the front desk.


Please take care until the end and go home.

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