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Colors of the four seasons

In spring, wild vegetables and asparagus are grown in the mountains.

In the summer, home-grown fresh vegetables picked in the morning

New to mushrooms in autumn

And a fantastic brand of pork that can only be eaten here.

​"Miyuki Pork"

Enjoy the flavors of Shinshu, a food powerhouse

​And enjoy the vivid colors.

Dinner hours: 18:00-20:00

​Breakfast business hours    7 a.m. to 9 a.m.

​ *Please decide your time at check-in



seasonal appetizer

Shinshu salmon and horse sashimi sashimi

Savory egg custard

​Small dishes/side dishes

Seasonal vegetable tempura

Miyuki pork shabu-shabu

Two types of medicinal soup stock

Finishing noodles

cooked rice


seasonal desserts

*Changes may occur depending on purchasing conditions.


Drink menu

Draft beer ¥500

Bottled beer (large) ¥660

Sake Masamune Kitamitsu

 2 go      ¥770

1 cup ¥440

Cold sake (300ml)     ¥770

Shochu (potato/barley) ¥600

Plum wine ¥420

Orange juice ¥300

Coca-Cola ¥300

Ginger ale ¥300

​Oolong tea ¥300


Special ingredients

Based on local production for local consumption

Including seasonal ingredients

​We make use of local ingredients.

Hot spring inn hotel

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