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Please feel free to contact us

6458 Toyota, Iiyama City, Nagano Prefecture 389-2411

Tel: 0269-65-2000






Q.Is there a parking lot?

There are about 10 cars in front of the entrance during the green season.

During the winter season, about 4 cars are stopped due to snow.

If the front entrance is full, there is a 1-minute walk away.

"Togari Ski Resort 3rd Parking Lot"Please use it.

All are free. We do not accept reservations.

Q.Is there laundry?

Available in the drying room.

​We also sell detergent at the front desk.

If you wish to use it during the green season, please contact the front desk.



Q.Is there an elevator?

However, it is only available on the 2nd to 4th floors of the new building.

​There are about 5 stairs in the connecting corridor that connects the 1st floor of the main building where the entrance/front desk is located to the 2nd floor of the new building.

If you use a wheelchair, please contact us in advance.


Q.Do you have ski rentals?

For adults only. Also, due to the small number of items, we may not be able to prepare them.If you would like to rent a car for children, please use the rental car at the ski resort.We will guide you to the affiliated rental shop.

​In addition, our rental shop is only available to guests staying overnight.


Q.How far is it on foot to the ski resort?

Normally it is about a 5 minute walk to Pegasus Slope.

However, when carrying skis and wearing boots in the snow,

It may take about 10 minutes.

Q.Can I use credit card?

You can use it.

Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, etc.

Q.Is there an ATM nearby?

Not within walking distance.

There is a Lawson and 7-Eleven within a 10-minute drive.

Q.Is there a shuttle service to the station?

Transfers are available only during the green season.

​Please let us know in advance when using.

If you need a shuttle to the station during the winter season,

Please use a taxi. (Paid)

​We recommend making a reservation if you plan to use it on weekends or late hours.

[Togari Hire] 0269-65-2129

[Nagano Kotsu] 0269-65-2129

Q.If I arrive before check-in, can I leave my luggage?

Early check-in is possible if the room is ready.

​Even if your room is not yet ready, you can store your luggage and use the changing room.

Q.What amenities are available?

Bath towel, face towel, toothbrush, yukata (free rental at the front desk in winter)

Hair dryer and tea set (not available in winter)

​Rinse-in shampoo, body soap, and facial soap in the large bath

​ *If you are using the service through a travel agency such as a ski tour, the amenities will differ depending on each travel agency.

Please contact each travel agency for details.

Q.Are there any equipment that can be borrowed at the front desk?

​ Nail clippers, screwdrivers, various chargers, stationery, glasses, ice sets, compresses (sales)

Free rental​ Games (playing cards, Blackbeard, Othello, etc.), paid rental games (games of life, mahjong, etc.)

Q.Is there Wi-Fi?

Available throughout the facility.

Q.Is there a convenience store?

Lawson and 7-Eleven are about 10 minutes away by car. (There is no shuttle service from our hotel)

There are shops and souvenir shops where you can buy sweets, drinks, and alcohol within walking distance.



Q.Is it possible to send by courier service?

This can be done at the front desk.

Also, if you send your luggage in advance, we can pick it up and store it for you.

When sending, please also write the date of your stay and the name of the representative.


Q.If I book a plan that includes a lift ticket, can I receive it before check-in?

It is possible.

 It is possible to hand it over even before check-in.

We will inform you upon your arrival, so please ask at the front desk.


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