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​ SpringSpring

After the harsh winter, the season of budding begins.

​It is the season where you can enjoy the contrast between the remaining snow and fresh greenery, as well as delicious wild vegetables.


How to enjoy spring

In spring, the first thing that comes to mind is wild vegetables.

Fresh wild vegetables grown in the mountains and surrounding areas

Please enjoy the dishes made with plenty of ingredients.

Nanohana Park is also very popular in Iiyama City.

Fields of rape blossoms and mountains still covered in snow.

You can also see the Chikuma River flowing slowly.

​This is the perfect season for cycling and photography.


​ Wild vegetable information

Starting this season, at our hotel

We are planning to hold a wild vegetable picking tour.

For details

​Click here for details

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Screenshot 2022-02-17 125208.jpg

"Shinetsu Natural Village" refers to the nine surrounding municipalities including Iiyama City.

​It looks similar, and there are various cultures and nature, so you can enjoy the experiences of each region.

We introduce tourist information and recommended ways to stay in Iiyama City.

​A must-see for those who want to enjoy Iiyama more deeply.

You can find all the activity information in the Shinetsu Shizenkyo area.

​You can also rent bicycles, camping gear, etc. at the store inside JR Iiyama Station!

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