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Rental shop information

The rental shop is only open during ski season.

Depending on inventory status, please go to the affiliated rental shop at the ski resort.

We may also provide you with information.

For more information, please inquire at the front desk upon arrival.

​Please note that use is limited to overnight guests only.


Usage fee

・Ski set ¥1,000~/1 day

(board, boots, stock)

・Set of board ¥1,000~/1 day


​*Prices may vary depending on grade

・Wear  ¥1,000/1 day

・Accessories ¥500/During the period

We may also direct you to affiliated rental shops.

​The charges are the same.

Other rental gear

20 minutes by car from our hotel

At the activity center inside JR Iiyama Station

We also have a variety of winter gear rentals available.

snowshoes and snow surfboards,

Rental of fat bikes and boots,

We also sell North Face products. ​

​Click here for details↓

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