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Training/camp trip

sports training camp

different from usual

In nature with clean air

Concentrate and hone your skills

Increase teamwork.

Facilities suitable for training camps

​All are available.


Employee training

Training not limited to conference rooms

Taking advantage of abundant nature

through activities

It will also deepen your bonds with your friends.


Introduction to physical education facilities

Including a large gymnasium within walking distance

Archery, baseball, swimming, soccer, etc.

​Available for various sports training camps.

We also have microbuses available.

​We can also provide transportation.

*Some facilities may not be listed.

​Please contact us for details.

Introduction to training facilities

Meeting rooms, training rooms, cooking rooms and multipurpose rooms

Tailored to the purpose of training

There are various facilities available.

There are also plenty of activities available.

​Can also be used as a workation facility.

Click here for detailed facility information

*Some facilities may not be listed.

​Please contact us for details.



Reservations are required for each facility.

​Please feel free to contact us.


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