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​Starry sky walk

The Milky Way passing overhead.

Countless shooting stars.

Togari Onsen is about 50 times darker than Shinjuku.

On days with good conditions,

So much so that I can no longer recognize the constellations

You can see even the smallest stars.

​Enough to fill your field of visionWould you like to look at the starry sky?


​Anyone can participate

Moving to the observation point

Basically, I go there by bus.

Bringing small children

Even people with disabilities

Please feel free to join us.


​Constellation explanation by guide

Guided by a local guide

Explanations about constellations and myths

​There are also stories about local life.

Image by Christopher Le

​You may also meet mountain dwellers

You may encounter various creatures while traveling.

In the nature-rich Satoyama,

​Many animals also live here.

Tour details

​​〈Holding period〉Late April to early November

*Subject to change depending on snow conditions.

<Time> Starts at 20:00 (about 1 hour)

<Participation fee> 2,000 yen/1 person

<Capacity> 20 people


  • Please check the lunar calendar.
    If the moon is full or the moon is out at the same time as the tour time, it will be difficult to see the stars.



*You will be redirected to an external site.

  • ​The temperature may drop rapidly at night.
    Please take measures against the cold.

  • We also have insect repellent spray available.
    Please participate in clothes that are as minimally revealing as possible.

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